Best Toaster That Could Replace Your Oven

There are toaster ovens and then there’s the Breville Smart Oven Pro. This toaster oven is really the best one out there and in our tests we found that its cooking performance—from frozen pizza to chicken nuggets—came out with oven-level results. Aside from, well, toast, the Smart Oven also has bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, warm, and slow cook options for the ultimate mini oven experience.

The Smart Oven Pro Convection Toaster/Pizza Oven: This Breville Smart Oven Pro provides 1800W of power and 10 preset functions, including bake, roast and broil. Control the cooking process with the backlit LCD, temperature conversation button and time dial. This Breville Smart Oven Pro also comes with a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, a broiling rack and two baking and pizza pans.



Prepare toast, pizza and other items just the way you like
10 preset functions ensure food is toasted to suit your tastes.

Nonstick Cavity Coating
The walls on the inside of the oven feature a non-stick coating for easy cleaning.

Magnetic auto-eject rack
Ejects the middle rack so hot items are easier to remove.

Built in Fan
An inbuilt fan that circulates the hot air within the oven. It speeds the cooking process by stripping away the cold air that surrounds your food.


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